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Finger Pressure mapping systems

Hand and Finger Pressure Sensor System.

FingerTPS is designed to measure the pressures exerted on an object by the human hand during gripping.

For product designers and researchers who optimize the ergonomics of an object by quantifying user interactions, FingerTPS is a measurement instrument that comfortably and with minimum intrusion collects high-quality data at user-specified locations on the fingers and hand.  Minimal interference in movement coupled with high quality sensors makes this the most accurate and easy-to-incorporate finger sensing system in the market....
The FingerTPS system comprises of a series of sensors of various sizes and frequency (depending upon the application). These sensors connect to a Signal Conditioning Wrist Assembly (which connects up to 6 sensors) and the Rechargeable electronics interface module with Bluetooth connectivity.This module attaches to a computer running PPS’s Chameleon image capture and analysis software.This industry-leading software is …