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#Z6R Bending Beam Load Cell

Get the Z6R on your team to assure the continuity of your production!

The stainless-steel enclosure is very robust and withstands extreme mechanical stress and aggressive media. The protected, dirt-repellent design without gaps or edges allows its use in food processing, production of pharmaceuticals or packaging of building materials, because the load cell is easy to clean and liquids roll right off.

Z6R reduces downtime and guarantees precise weighing in harsh environments, regardless of whether it is used in packaging machinery or batching scales. A real benefit for scale manufacturers and system operators!

Get the Z6R on your team to assure the continuity of your production!

Maximum capacity: 20 kg / 50 kg / 100 kg / 200 kg
Accuracy class (OIML): D1, C3
Approvals and certificates: OIML, IECEx, ATEX

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Mr. Amol Ghogare  | Mrs. Alpa Chavan
Ph : 9769606708.  | Cell : 7021023160

202/A, Pavan Putra CHS
Ashokvan, Dahisar ( East )
Mumbai 400 068
Maharashtra, India


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This amplifier can be used in applications where signal conditioning is needed for a single channel. this device provide a regulated excitation voltage to the load cells, and convert a small mV signal into more common signals like 0-10VDC, +/-10VDC, 4-20mA, RS232, RS485, and USB. Visit our website for more details .

Best Regards
Mr.Amol Ghogare | Mrs. Alpa Chavan
Cell:  9769606708 | Cell: 7021023160

OPTIMUM SOLUTIONS​ ​202/A, Pavanputra Chs Ltd, Ashokvan
Near Western Express Highway
Dahisar (East), Mumbai - 400068
Regional Office in katraj, Pune

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Mr.Amol Ghogare | Mrs. Alpa Chavan Cell:9769606708  | Cell:7021023160
OPTIMUM SOLUTIONS ​202/A, Pavanputra Chs Ltd, Ashokvan Near Western Express Highway Dahisar (East), Mumbai – 400 068
Regional Office in katraj, Pune